What Is The Purpose Of Your Life?

Look for happiness and create something of lasting value. These are the two goals that you’re taught to set for yourself.

They are advocated with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, they are quite generic and have been tailored for your life as a member of the human race and not for your life as an individual. When you try to apply them to your life, your attempts fall flat, because your life has so many intricacies and subtleties that are one of a kind. Accordingly, they need goals that are one of a kind.

These endpoints that you believe you must strive for are simply by-products that emerge when you follow the dictates of your life’s purpose. Discovering and honestly pursuing this life purpose is the real goal to set for yourself.

Only you can determine what you’re here to do. But, whatever that happens to be, it has a pattern to it. Your life purpose is made up of two components - the lesson you’re here to learn and the lesson you’re here to teach. The former is nothing to be ashamed of and the latter is nothing to be afraid of.

What You’re Here To Learn

Above all, there is one distinct and dark theme that appears woven into the fabric of your life. It thwarts you at every turn and makes you come face to face with failure, sadness, anger, and a host of other negative emotions and experiences. It is the shadow of your soul. You must learn to recognize that shadow everywhere you see it in your life, because it holds the essence of the lesson you’re here to learn, the lesson that holds the key to your contentment.

As an idealist, I have always been preoccupied with the perfect future and haunted by the imperfect past. The mental plane is where I have lived on for as long as I can remember. I thought of it as the only dimension that mattered. As such, without being aware of it, I continually ignored the physical plane except to get from it the least required nourishment for survival.

When it came to the material world—people, places, food, fancy clothes, money, other items of luxury—I had a I-can-take-it-or-leave-it attitude most of the time. I never cared much for, and therefore never appreciated, the temporary and earthly beauty of the world I lived in.

During a phase of soul searching, when I looked back on my life, I could clearly see that most of my problems existed because I had neglected the material aspect of my life too much. Health problems, identity and self-esteem issues, a lack of assertiveness, the inability to attract and hold onto money— all of which had been recurring issues in my life—-hinted at one culprit, which was the neglect of the physical/material plane.

I have come to understand that wholly embracing the physical plane and not sacrificing it in favor of the mental one is one half of my life’s purpose. That is my lesson to learn. That’s why I’m putting in conscious effort to do things like build up my finances, think in terms of stability, keep in touch with people, say what’s on my mind, stop feeling guilty when I enjoy an expensive meal, put myself first, and be comfortable holding an opinion that’s different from that of others.

In short, I’m forcing myself to look the present squarely in the eye, without hiding behind unfocused eyes and complex thoughts to deliberately blur my view and experience of reality.

What You’re Here To Teach

You have been blessed with an innate life skill that you excel at without trying to and often without being aware of it. You notice it when someone points it out to you and then you appear surprised that you hadn’t recognized it before. That is the success of your soul. Simply knowing that you have it works like a magic bullet. If you can identify this success, you will forever be armed with the courage to step into the unknown.

For me, that success is my ability to continue on my way in the face of all opposition when I know that I’m right*. As a confirmed introvert, who was too timid, quiet, and obedient growing up, I’m often surprised that I have this stubborn quality at all. But I’m thankful that I do, because it gives me the will to keep chipping away at seemingly impossible tasks and bring them to reality.

You don’t have to talk about this aspect of your life for it to be recognized by the people around you. Just focusing on what you’re here to learn and giving your best there will automatically cast a bright light on the success of your soul.

What Is Your Life All About?

Take a close look at your life to identify your shadow and success sides. Use them to assess and act upon every situation you face. As you put in the effort to learn what your soul wants you to, you will automatically draw the happiness you’re taught to go after, and leave your mark on the world.

*I often agree to disagree, and when I think I’m wrong I’m quick to apologize.

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